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Travel Blogs Noosa Heads

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Noosa Heads in Queensland, Australia

Noosa Heads is a city located in Australia, Oceania.

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Travel Blogs Noosa Heads

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19 December 2009
Noosa Heads Australia

After a visit to the Australia Zoo we headed to Noosa Heads for a beach break. Noosa has most of its action going on in Noosa Heads and a lot of people come here to unwind on the beach and enjoy the holiday breeze.

There are also some cute shops on the esplanade and some good restaurants to tickle your taste buds!

Both Noosa Heads and Torque more north are great places to stop and eventhough we decided to drive through to Hervey Bay to spend the night you could easily stay a few days in either places.

Noosa is also great for surf and there are breaks for all...