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Merzouga Cameltrekking Bivouac

January 18th, 2017

The sand ridges of Erg Chebbi is a conspicuous weird natural structure. On the summit of the plainest region you may envisage, abruptly a lengthy mountain of sand mounts. This mountain is encircled by plane and barren nature in all parts.

1. Sleeping in a nomad tent, bivouac in the dunes

Merzouga Cameltrekking Bivouac Morocco Picture SharingTrip to Merzouga

You quit for a few hours for a hike across the dunes along the sunset captivating colors. You will be invited into our tents in an oasis by our team who dwell in tents in the center of the desert. by the concluding stages of your journey, after dinner you can do a pastime connected to music. The subsequent morning, after breakfast, you revert to the hotel.

2. Several days in the dunes. A nomadic experience

We will discover various locations dunes of Erg Chebbi. You will be hosted by diverse families of nomads in your road and have numerous breaks to live a peaceful night. You have plenty of time you require to get familiar with the Sahara has to pass the stars, wild life, the culture of nomads and the “seminary” of the desert. This manner can be executed in two days or at utmost in a fortnight. get in touch with us for detailed data. Your suggestions and critics are welcomed

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