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Sri lanka it is !

August 23rd, 2017

Travel from mumbai to colombo for 7 days was best of my experiences. Hotels with beach view, foods, peoples, roads etc. Were best of its own.

If you're‚Äč planning trip to srilanka, colombo is at its best. Co-operation of peoples and kindness of them helps to travel at different beautiful places.

Foods is the main, not to miss it. If you're in srilanka tasting varieties in food is must.

Beaches are always been mindblowing with sports adventures...

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Travel Tips for Colombo Sri Lanka:

Where to stay in Colombo: Villa palma hotel is best of beach views

What to do in Colombo: Beaches, cultures are best to check out, travelling is best part

Where to eat in Colombo: Non veg food, fish, crabs etc. Are food to taste here. U will it at every hotel


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Age: 13-17
Travel type: Friends getaway

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Sri lanka it is !
Continent: Asia
Country: Sri Lanka
City: Colombo
Period: Jun 2017
Lenght of stay: 7 days
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Liked: Each and every single thing
Disliked: Didn't want to leave
Trip Rating: Excellent

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