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November 23rd, 2017

I travel for 5or 6 days in uttrakhand.I stay in my village. When i was child,i don't want to go in village. But i love mountains,i love to travel.craze for traveling goes on for me.

I went to my village kotli near parind,it was amazing.❤

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Travel Tips for Delhi India:

Where to stay in Delhi: Best is to stay in resort near ramnagar.

What to do in Delhi: Check out the beauty of nature and click photos.

Where to eat in Delhi: There is a place in uttrakhand called garjiya,ramnagar.


Delhi Weather

35 °C | 95 °F


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Age: 13-17
Travel type: Solo travel

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Continent: Asia
Country: India
City: Delhi
Period: Mar '16-Apr '16
Lenght of stay: 2 days
Views: 4250

Travel Review

Liked: Mountains and roads of uttrakhand
Disliked: There was no internet connection😂
Trip Rating: Excellent

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Map Delhi India