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The mountain villages of Montenegro

February 13th, 2010

Montenegro is part of The Balkans, a region in the southeastern part of Europe which is also occupied by Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia.

Montenegro has known little development and you will be able to walk through immense landscapes without coming across a single soul. The people are very warm and welcoming. I stayed in a small village where I was welcomed by the locals with open arms and everybody was so friendly. The little villages are stunning and the beauty of the lakes and rivers is amazing.

The mountain villages of Montenegro Podgorica Trip PicturesTourism Podgorica

Living in one of these smaller villages I really learned a lot about the culture of the Montenegrin people and had the possibility to see how they live from day to day. The people live from their land and all of them dipend on their own cultivation system and the size of their stock. Living is surviving and it feels like an every day struggle here.

Nonetheless the Montenegrin people are very proud of their territory even if they receive no help at all from the national government. Coming here changed my view upon life and appreciate the simple gestures a lot more.

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Travel Tips for Podgorica Montenegro:

Where to stay in Podgorica: Stay in one of the smaller villages and get to know the locals

What to do in Podgorica: Take a hike through the beautiful mountains

Where to eat in Podgorica: -

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The mountain villages of Montenegro
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Liked: The kindness of the people
Disliked: The government does little to improve the standard of living

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