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Travel Blogs France

Travel Blogs France

France is a country located in Europe. France's capital is Paris and the currency is the Euro.

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France Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs France

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Weekend getaway to Paris

Europe » France » Paris
12 July 2010
Paris France

Paris is the perfect city for a romantic weekend getaway so me and my girlfriend decided to spend one of our weekends doing something different and we booked a weekend getaway to Paris, the city of Love.

Paris is a beautiful place and without a doubt one of Europe's most gorgeous cities. From Holland where we live it's only a short flight to Paris so spending a weekend away from...

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From Nice and Menton to Montecarlo

Europe » France » Nice
28 March 2010
Nice France

In July of 2006 I went to France with a friend of mine to visit the cities of Nice and Menton.

The holiday was great and we had a lot of fun. We went from Italy to France by train and luckily my friend's uncle came to pick us up as soon as we arrived in France.

Nice is a very clean city with a nice climate and very friendly people. Besides Nice we also visited Montecarlo with its famous casino and nice beachside.

I remember this enormous hotel which consisted in four levels and a large club area at the top of the building, pretty impressive and there is nothing...

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Montmartre and the Père Lachaise Cemetery

Europe » France » Paris
22 March 2010
In front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Paris

For my graduation I my parents gave me a ticket to Paris so that I could finally visit this amazing city in all its beauty. I had a great time and this is one of the holidays I will never forget.

Walking through the streets of Paris it almost felt like a country on its own, something seperate from the rest of France.

There is so much to see and so many beautiful places to visit and even if you would completely ignore all the tourist guides you will discover all kinds of unique shops, eateries and local treasures.

Paris is one of the cities where I would transfer...

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The Juste Debout Hip Hop Festival in Paris

Europe » France » Paris
01 March 2010
In Paris for the Juste Debout Festival. Paris

I went to Paris for the Juste Debout Hip Hop Festival, the world chiampionship for hip hop dancers. At this annual competition you're able to see dancers from all over the world perform their acts in different dance categories like poppin, loking, new style, house and sperimental.

The Juste Debout is an event for hip hop fanatics which is held every year in Paris and being able to...

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Romantic getaway to Paris, France

Europe » France » Paris
26 February 2010
Photos of my trip to Paris. Paris

My trip to Paris together with my girlfriend has been one of the most romantic getaways I have ever booked. Visiting Paris in wintertime and walking through the snow was incredible!

The streets were filled with people going for a walk and especially at night all the street lights made the whole picture even more perfect.

In one day we visited the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Louvre. Of course we had to climb all the way up the Eiffel Tower. It was so cold up there but I will never forget the amazing view over Paris!

Unfortunately we stayed for only four...