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Travel Blogs Gambia

Travel Blogs Gambia

Gambia is a country located in Africa. Gambia's capital is Banjul and the currency is the Dalasi.

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Map of Gambia
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Travel Blogs Gambia

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Lemon Creek Hotel Resort Bijilo

Africa » Gambia » Bijilo
09 December 2011
Bijilo Gambia

During our family´s vacation in Gambia we stayed at the right at the beach in Bijilo as guests of the Lemon Creek Hotel Resort.

After a bumpy ride from the airport of Bijilo to the hotel we had to rest a little because we were pretty tired of our flight and all the new impressions we had experienced so far.

Eventhough the conditions of the roads weren´t great...

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Holiday in Gambia

Africa » Gambia » Serrekunda
23 May 2011
Serrekunda Gambia

My boyfriend and I went on a holiday in The Gambia for a total of two weeks and stayed in Serrekunda the largest city of The Gambia and close to all the popular tourist attractions and hot spots.

This part of The Gambia covers more or less the entire coastal area where you can find wellknown travel destinations like Kololi, Fajara and Bakau all located near the beach.


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The monkeys in Bijilo Forest Park

Africa » Gambia » Bijilo National Park
08 May 2010
Bijilo National Park Gambia

Bijilo Forest Park is situated on The Gambia's West Coast and just north of Bijlo City, near the Senegambia area. The Park is also known as Monkey Park for the many monkeys that inhabit the area.

At the entrance of the park you will find a map with a route to follow but either way you choose the monkeys will catch up on you trying to score something to nibble on.