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Travel Blogs Italy

Travel Blogs Italy

Italy is a country located in Europe. Italy's capital is Rome and the currency is the Euro.

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Map of Italy
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Travel Blogs Italy

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Day trip to Florence

Europe » Italy » Florence
15 July 2010
Florence Italy

During 7 months I lived in Rome for my job and in the weekends I always tried to explore either the more rural sites around the city or organize some trips with my colleages to other cities like Florence or Venice.

A day trip to Florence from Rome will take you a bit by car so getting up really early would be a smart idea. Of course you don't have to make a day trip out of it because Florence is a beautiful city and you could easily spend a few days here.

Because we had organized this day trip to Florence we all decided to start driving around 6 in the morning, which obviously...

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My Special Rome

Europe » Italy » Rome
28 June 2010

What to say? I had the opportunity to live in Rome for more than 5 years, and always loved it. Now that I went back to Rome, just for 4 days and for business, I chose to book an apartment (I was with my family), in via Cavour, and discovered how beautiful this area is. We had the view of the Colosseum right out of our gate. Of course the option of booking a hotel had been considered, but I wasn't...

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Pictures of Venice Italy

Europe » Italy » Venice
18 June 2010
Venice Italy

Venice is one of the most romantic places in Italy and definitely worth a visit if you intend to visit the north of Italy.

Venice is known for its pittoresque and narrow streets which add up to a labyrinth made out of canals and theatrical feel that owns this amazing city. Eventhough I went to Venice by myself I would recommend a holiday in Venezia to any couple looking for a romantic getaway.

Everywhere I looked during my sightseeing tour I saw another opportunity to take pictures and more pictures.

The best and maybe also the most unique way to view Venice...

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Mesagne and the procession of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Europe » Italy » Mesagne
03 April 2010
Colourful balloons during the Procession of the Virgin Mary in Mesagne Mesagne

I visited Mesagne, in the southern province of Brindisi for a project I was working on during my graduation.

I was able to witness the local festivities during the procession of the Blessed Virgin Mary which was a great experience and it was really surprising to see how the town came to life!

The streets were decorated with light in all kinds of bright colours...

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Complete daytour in Rome

Europe » Italy » Rome
25 March 2010
Photo of the inside stadium of the Colosseum. Rome

The first time I visited Rome was during a field trip. I always heard people talking about the beauty of this eternal city and now I was finally going to witness it all myself!

Piazza del Vaticano was amazing and I couldn't believe how many tourists were standing in line to visit the Basilica of San Pietro.

Each person wanting to enter the basilica had to be searched...