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Travel Blogs South Africa

Travel Blogs South Africa

South Africa is a country located in Africa. South Africa's capital is Cape Town and the currency is the Rand.

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Map of South Africa
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South Africa Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs South Africa

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Hluhluwe Game Reserve

Africa » South Africa » Bayala
11 February 2011
Bayala South Africa

Just this January my wife and I joined some friends on a group holiday through South Africa. We were shown a brochure online and felt great love for this country straight away.

In this blog I will try to describe different parts of our journey in no particular order but just trying to remember all the beautiful things we have experienced on our travels.

One of...

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Cape Town Summer Holiday

Africa » South Africa » Cape Town
22 November 2010
Cape Town South Africa

One of the things that makes Cape Town such a great travel destination is it's long summer lasting from November to February and it's 11 hours of sunlight a day.

We knew we wanted to skip rainy Autumn and had always had a passion for South Africa so spending three weeks of relaxation, wildlife spotting and taking in the South African culture sounded like the best medicine!


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Travel to Cape Town South Africa

Africa » South Africa » Cape Town
11 November 2010
Cape Town South Africa

South Africa has been on an universal top travel destinatio's list for ages and is probably the most travelled country of the African continent.

Last February my boyfriend and I left for a two months travel adenture to South Africa, kicking off our exciting plans in Cape Town, the capital city and a beautiful place especially in this time of year.

There are many sites in and around Cape Town that are worth a visit or a day trip and I will try to list some of the things we did during our stay there.

First of all Cape Town City, you could easily spend a few days...

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Kruger National Park camping safari

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga
18 October 2010
Mpumalanga South Africa

The Kruger National Park is the most visited game reserve in South Africa and a beautiful place for a camping safari trip.

Before travelling to South Africa I knew I wanted to do a wildlife safari trip and since I love being outdoors and camping I had already figured out a way to combine all these things.

With my best friend I tried to plan some of the trip but...

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Holiday pictures of Cape Town

Africa » South Africa » Cape Town
08 October 2010
Cape Town South Africa

Here are some holiday pictures of our first week in Cape Town! We had a great flight from Atlanta and were really excited about the whole thing. I had never been on a holiday out of the country so flying straight to South Africa was quite a big beal!

The weather in Cape Town is amazing, and we can still wear our shorts:) Except on the trip we made to Cape of Good Hope, the most south-western...