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Middle East » Israel » Capernaum
03 November 2010
Capernaum Israel Capernaum Israel Middle East

Our church had organized a trip to Israel at the beginning of this year and me and my wife were happy to sign up for it since we had wanted to go on a holiday to Israel for quite some time.

The first place we visited was Tiberias where our guide had arranged for a Lake Galilee boat ride to Capernaum, the fishing village on the shore of the Galilee Sea.


Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Abu Dhabi
28 October 2010
Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Middle East

Last year me and my husband left for the United Arab Emirates, to celebrate our anniversary and enjoy a two weeks holiday in this amazing country.

We went to Abu Dhabi first where we had booked an appartment at Al Manzel Hotel Apartments for the upcoming three days. We decided to book an apartment to have a bit more privacy and freedom to explore Abu Dhabi by ourselves.

From Abu Dhabi we did a lot of sightseeing and of course shopping with my wife:)

We had this amazing landrover for rent which was perfect and turned out to be the best thing of the whole holiday!...

Middle East » Jordan » Jerash
04 October 2010
Jerash Jordan Jerash Jordan Middle East

This Summer my girlfriend and I went on a trip to Jordan, in the Middle East. We headed to Amman, the capital city of Jordan and from there we went on several day trips and tours.

One of the day trips that I liked was the one to Jerash, the ancient Roman city which forms one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jordan.

You can either choose to hop on a bus...

Middle East » Iran » Esfahan
23 September 2010
Esfahan Iran Esfahan Iran Middle East

Iran is an amazing country and my travel experience there maybe a bit dated today but I still remember the great warmth of the people and the stunning Iranian landscapes.

In October of 2008 me and my girlfriend travelled to Iran where our journey started in Tehran and from there it took us from one cultural surprise to another.

We travelled through the heart of Iran and visited Esfahan where we spend most of our time, Yazd, which lies southeast of Esfahan, Persepolis, Shiraz, the Iranian villages of Abyaneh and Toudeshk.

We just travelled with our Lonely Planet...

Middle East » Oman » Khasab
07 September 2010
Khasab Oman Khasab Oman Middle East

Khasab is located in the northern tip of Oman and easily reached also from Dubai as a lot of tourists decided to book tours up to Khasab because of the nice landscape and tranquil atmosphere.

We also stayed in Dubai for a holiday and went to Khasab on a weekend trip which today, compared to many years ago, is rather easy like I sad because of the building of the modern coast road...

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