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North America » United States » Sacramento
04 May 2012
Sacramento United States Sacramento United States North America

The city of Sacramento can be quite interesting to visit because it is the capital city of the state of California so if you're interested in learning more about the California government this is good place to start exploring!

Being a teacher I have visited Sacramento several times and of course a visit to the Capitol Building and the office of Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger is always requested.

But of course Sacramento has more to offer than politics and the architecture of the Modern Era with buildings such as the Ziggurat, a pyramidal...

North America » United States » Santa Barbara
04 May 2012
Santa Barbara United States Santa Barbara United States North America

Here are some pictures of a very sunny day in Santa Barbara where me and my wife visited my brother in law. We went for a lovely boat ride as Santa Barbara literally is a haven for yachts.

We also had dinner at a lovely restaurant called the Brophy Bros Restaurant which had the freshest clams.

From the restaurant we had a good harbor view and spend a good afternoon...

North America » United States » Long Beach
04 May 2012
Long Beach United States Long Beach United States North America

A great trip from Long Beach California is to Catalina Island by ferry. The island of Catalina is part of the California Channel Islands and is located in the southernmost part of the Los Angeles County.

The city of Avalon is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday and besides the beautiful island there are many things to do like going to the casino or simply all the entertainment...

North America » United States » Malibu
04 May 2012
Malibu United States Malibu United States North America

South of Los Angeles there are many many places you could spend a beach holiday and Malibu is one of them. Especially Malibu Beach is a beautiful place to spend a summer holiday.

You can just tour the Pacific Coast Highway running from Malibu into Santa Monica all the way up to Los Angeles and you will find a ton of great beaches and things to do like surfing and other outdoor activities.


North America » United States » Hollywood
04 May 2012
Hollywood United States Hollywood United States North America

Last year I went on trip to Los Angeles with my friends and Hollywood was one of the best places we visited. We just had so much fun road tripping.

I actually got my first tattoo in Hollywood which still reminds me of the great time we had but we also went to the Universal Studios, the Walk of Fame, the Chinese Theatre and all of those tourist hot spots.

We also...

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