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Oceania » Australia » Sydney
02 February 2010
Church Paddington Market Sydney Australia Oceania

Another great place to go in Sydney would be the eastern suburb of Paddington which runs along popular Oxford Street. Paddington is located 3 kms from the Sydney City centre and you can walk there but you can also decide to take a bus. Most busses leave from Hyde Park and you could take almost every bus passing the park because Oxford Street is one of the most central streets of Sydney.

You could combine a visit to the Paddington Markets on Saturday morning with an afternoon at the beach in Bondi. Just get off the bus in front of the Paddington Uniting Church where the open-air market is held.


Oceania » Australia » Sydney
02 February 2010
Flowers in Sydney Gardens Sydney Australia Oceania

If you want to escape Sydney's buzzling city life a walk through the Royal Botanical Gardens is a great alternative. Especially on hot days the park is a great place to spend some time in the shades or close to the water.

Teh Royal Botanical Gardens also offer a great view of the Sydney Opera House and people say that it's the most photographed angle by professionals who want a nice...

Oceania » Australia » Kalbarri
02 February 2010
Cute little parrot eating Kalbarri Australia Oceania

Kalbarri in Western Australia has an amazing landscape with beautiful wilfdflowers, immense rock formations and a beautiful ocean. Just to see all these things you would need to spend at least two days here. And if you're done driving around there's one tourist attraction you should still visit; The Rainbow Jungle.

The Rainbow Jungle in Kalbarri is a zoo specially built for parrots and visitors can walk through several different habitats to see the zoo's parrots. From cockatoos, parrots and lovebirds to parakeets and sun conures, the Rainbow Jungle has them all!

There is even...

Oceania » Australia » Shark Bay
02 February 2010
Day trip to Shell Beach Shark Bay Australia Oceania

Shark Bay is an important heritage site in Western Australia and close to the seaside town of Denham. Within the site you will find several attractions like the stunning Shell Beach. This amazing beach is entirely made out of little white shells and hugs one of the most beautiful bays in the region. The water is crystal clear and reflects the white glow of the shells which is pretty magical.

Shell Beach covers more than 100 kms of coast and is one of the only two beaches in the world that are completely made up out of sea shells. You actually can't take any shells from the beach as the site is...

Oceania » Australia » Geraldton
01 February 2010
Photos of Geraldton, WA Geraldton Australia Oceania

Geraldton is a good place to have a look around if you're travelling trough Western Australia because it is one of the bigger towns and a common stop on the Greyhound Bus service route.

You'll find a lot of shops with some of the bigger brands you won't find in the smaller towns. We had to find a camera shop because we had a problem with ours so we were happy to find a Dick Smith...

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