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Oceania » Australia » Port Campbell
17 January 2010
Looking out over Bay of Martyrs Port Campbell Australia Oceania

The 12 Apostles are without a doubt the most popular attraction on the Great Ocean Road and hundreds, if not thousands, of tourists come here every day to witness this natural wonder.

Even if today only six of the twelve original apostles are still standing the Great Ocean Road doesn't lack popularity and if you want to visit this part of the Port Campbell National Park you might...

Oceania » Australia » Cape Otway
17 January 2010
The Lighthouse at Cape Otway Cape Otway Australia Oceania

For lighthouse admirers the Cape Otway National Park overlooking the amazing waters of the Southern Ocean is a great stopover on the Great Ocean Road. Ok the road isn't the best and the trip might not even be worth the lighthouse but once you're up there the views of the ocean and the national park are breath taking.

For us visiting Cape Otway was a stopover on our roadtrip on the...

Oceania » Australia » Apollo Bay
17 January 2010
Appartments bedroom in Apollo Bay Apollo Bay Australia Oceania

The most popular road to travel in Victoria and maybe Australia is the Great Ocean Road. There is so much to see and the best way to travel is definitely by car because you can forget about a quite tour coach experience where you have to stand in line for a nice panoramic picture.

The Great Ocean road has some amazing attractions like the bays and rockformations of the Campbell National...

Oceania » Australia » Derby
15 January 2010
Derby Australia Derby Australia Oceania

For some reason or another I expected Derby to be a nice town to visit but once I arrived here I realized that Derby actually has very little to offer tourists except for maybe its wharf.

After doing some research about the place I found out that Derby has a population of about 5000 people and is more known as crocodile country than as a thriving city. Driving through the town centre there is not much to see besides the Visitors Centre and therefor I headed straight to the wharf for some pictures.

This wooden wharf was built in 1894 during the gold rush to support the export industry...

Oceania » Australia » Tunnel Creek
15 January 2010
Amazing limestone rock formations Tunnel Creek Australia Oceania

Coming to Australia I had made a list in my mind of all the wildlife I wanted to see and spotting some real crocodiles was one of my must do's.

The Kimberley region in the northern tip of Western Australia is home to freshwater crocodiles and some saltwater crocodiles when heading closer to the Northern Territory border. Usually you won't spot any saltwater crocodiles on the beaches of Western Australia but throughout the years some lost ones have been tracked. As a result you'll find road signs around lakes and lagoons west of Broome as a warning to tourists who feel like going for a swim.


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