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Oceania » Australia » Canberra
29 December 2009
Sushi @ Canberra Centre Canberra Australia Oceania

From Eden on the New South Wales coast we went back inland to visit Australia's capital Canberra. Canberra is the politic heart of Australia and amongst the city's major attractions are the new and old Parliament Houses.

The Parliament House is located on Capital Hill in southern Canberra on the other side of Lake Burley Griffin. You can reach the Capital Hill area by car driving south from town over Commonwealth Ave.

In Civic, Canberra's main shopping and dining area you'll find all kinds of eateries, shops, cinemas and nightclubs. The Canberra Centre shopping mall is also located...

Oceania » Australia » Eden
29 November 2009
Dolphins on Cat Balou cruise Eden Australia Oceania

From Launceston in Tasmania we drove to Hobart where we took our flight back to the mainland. We allready stayed in Melbourne before heading to Tasmania so our plan was to drive in direction of Eden, one of the first sea side towns after the New South Wales border.

Because or flight landed in Melbourne around 10 pm we decided the best idea was to spend the night in a hotel close to the airport and then drive to Eden early the next morning. Eden is located at about a 7 hours drive from Melbourne so you should leave early otherwise you'll end up on a curvy dark road with a lot of wildlife and you...

Oceania » Australia » Launceston
21 November 2009
Beautiful Dove Lake Launceston Australia Oceania

We left the east coast to head inland in direction of Launceston, Tasmania's second largest settlement after Hobart. We decided to spend to days in Launceston to be able to visit the Cradle Mountain National Park and drive back to Hobart the second day without feeling like we had to hurry.

Launceston has a lot of shops and after a long drive on Tasmania's east coast it's the first main city where you'll find some civilisation:)

Launceston itself is worth a visit eventhough we didn't spend a lot of time in town because we drove off to Cradle Mountain in the western part of Tasmania.


Oceania » Australia » Bay of Fires
21 November 2009
Beautiful beaches Bay of Fires Bay of Fires Australia Oceania

From Bicheno we toured north to St Helens to visit the famous Bay of Fires. This area is popular with turists for its perfect beaches and white sandy bays. Entering the Bay of Fires you can drive to Binnalong Beach which is simply amazing. We went there on a semi cloudy day and the water was still beautifully coloured in shades of light blues.

From Binnalong Beach you can drive...

Oceania » Australia » Bicheno
19 November 2009
Hike to Wineglass Bay Bicheno Australia Oceania

After coming back from the Tasman Island Charter we drove to Bicheno where we stayed the next night. Bicheno is famous for its little penguins that come on shore every night returning from their hunting for food.

This time we decided to go to the coast around dusk without an organised tour. We already did a penguin tour on Griffith Island, close to Victor Harbour, and realised it...

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