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Travel Blogs Seychelles

Travel Blogs Seychelles

Seychelles is a country located in Africa. Seychelles's capital is Victoria and the currency is the Seychelles Rupee.

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Victoria - Sailing Seychelles Best Beaches

Travel Blogs Seychelles

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Sailing Seychelles Best Beaches

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11 May 2010
Victoria Seychelles

Together with a group of friends I made a sailing trip around the Seychelles islands last february which was amazing. We had prepared this trip for about one year and a few months ago the moment had finally come.

We took our flight from Paris to the Seychelles International Airport and when we were almost there the view from our windows was breath taking. The colors of the ocean, the white beaches, the palm trees, you could see it all from up there.

We had arranged our sailboat before arriving on the main island so we didn't had to worry about that.

In total...