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 Cannes France  Cannes France  Cannes France  Cannes France  Cannes France
Cindy profile photo
31 May 2012
Being able to be a part of the Festival de Cannes was the best experience of my holiday in France and arriving in Cannes by limo was just the magical beginning of it all. We stayed at the Martinez Hotel which was perfect and beautifully located. Plage Miramar is definitely one of the places to be but in Cannes its difficult to go wrong as this place is truly France finest! Vive Cannes et vive...
 Nice France  Nice France  Nice France  Nice France  Nice France
Cindy profile photo
31 May 2012
I would like to recommend the Radisson Hotel in Nice because me and my fiance had an amazing stay there and especially the terras with the views of the beach is amazing. We loved sitting here for lunch as plains flew over and we had the most incredible view of Nice making our holiday here even better. We also went to see the Cannes Festival and had this amazing white limo to take us there which...
 Cannes France  Cannes France  Cannes France  Cannes France  Cannes France
Cindy profile photo
31 May 2012
Cannes is the perfect place to enjoy a classy beach holiday. I have been working on a cruise ship docked in Cannes and I had an incredible opportunity to explore the beautiful waters of Cannes and meet so many interesting people. I would also advise tourists to consider organizing boat trips or a cruise to explore the waters and islands surrounding the glamourous city of Cannes because the views...
Zeina Moore profile photo
27 May 2012
I went on a trip to Nelsons Bay and Lemon Tree Passage. I stayed at Lemon Tree Passage Motel and it was the worst stay ever. The bed was horrible! My husbands back was hurting so much and there were other beds in the room so he decided to try to see if they were any better (which they were not)...then we get an unauthorised transaction on our credit card charging us more then what price the room was...
Raghavendra Bellala profile photo
21 May 2012
Last year, I went to my uncle’s home, in Chandigarh in the month of February on the occasion of Valentines Day (Feb 14th) to meet my sister-in-law. We pleasantly celebrated that day. As we are basically crazy about colorful flowers and Gardens, she made a plan and told me about the Garden festival of Chandigarh, which is generally held for three days with great joy and enthusiasm during the last...