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Travel Blogs Antananarivo

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Antananarivo in Madagascar

Antananarivo is a city located in Madagascar, Africa.

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Antananarivo Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Antananarivo

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14 February 2010
Night butterfly Argema Mittrei in Madagascar Antananarivo

I remember being in Poland for work in july, 2004 when a friend of mine called me with the question if I was willing to join her and two other friends on a trip to Madagascar the next month..

What a great idea.. went through my mind, finally I would have the opportunity to visit the most fascinating continent in the world and make my travel dreams come true! Back from Poland I purchased my ticket to Antananarivo, Madagascar and that was the beginning of one big adventure.

Our stay in Antananarivo was pretty unique and we spend two days at the home of some friendly locals we had...