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Travel Blogs Carnarvon

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Carnarvon in Western Australia, Australia

Carnarvon is a city located in Australia, Oceania.

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Travel Blogs Carnarvon

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13 January 2010
Banana fields in Carnarvon Carnarvon

A lot of backpackers road tripping through Western Australia find it hard to find a good paid job but Carnarvon must be the exception here because of its depeveloped agricultural industry. Fruit picking jobs are really popular in Australia and where better to start looking than in a thriving fruit city like Carnarvon?

Carnarvon is also good connected to other touristic points in Western Australia like Broome, Exmouth, Coral Bay and Geraldton in the north and Perth in the south. Just hop on the Greyhound night bus and you'll be dropped off right in town.

Driving through Carnarvon...