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Travel Blogs Fes

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Fes in Fès-Boulemane, Morocco

Fes is a city located in Morocco, Africa.

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Fes Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Fes

Africa » Morocco » Fes
22 April 2017

5 Days sahara desert tour from fes to marrakech via...

Africa » Morocco » Fes
11 November 2016
Fes Morocco


Africa » Morocco » Fes
17 May 2011
Fes Morocco

After a long flight to Cassablanca and from Cassablanca to Fes we all arrived safely in Morocco to enjoy a well deserved family holiday. We checked in at the Hotel Olympic which was going to be our home for the upcoming 5 days.

The hotel was very comfortable and had a convenient location in the Ville Nouvelle, the newest section of Fes and one of the three districts.

The other two districts in Fes are the old walled city of Fes el Bali and the newer Fes-Jdid which was created before the Ville Nouvelle section.

We had a Lonely Planet travel guide of Morocco which...