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Travel Blogs Cap Skirring

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Cap Skirring in Senegal

Cap Skirring is a city located in Senegal, Africa.

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Travel Blogs Cap Skirring

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06 March 2010
Trip to Cap Skirring in Senegal. Cap Skirring

Senegal is a beautiful country with a stunning ocean. It maybe can't compete with places like the Maldives as far as the Senegalese beaches go but is sure has an amazing hospitality and a stunning nature.

Especially in the coastal areas where you will find some impressive and uncontaminated places.

The flight from Europe didn't take too long and within eight hours or less my direct flight to Cap Skirring had arrived.

You will find lots of resorts and hotels on the coast and because of the touristic developments in this part of Senegal you will also find a...