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Travel Blogs Marrakesh

Travel Blogs Marrakesh

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Marrakesh in Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz, Morocco

Marrakesh is a city located in Morocco, Africa.

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Marrakesh Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Marrakesh

Africa » Morocco » Marrakesh
11 March 2011

We reserved bi the website and it was really a good surprise.

The riad is very modern and clean.

Staff is so...

Africa » Morocco » Marrakesh
28 July 2010
Marrakesh Morocco

Every year around May or June my family travels to Marrakesh to visit our relatives and spend a month in our home country. My parents came to Europe a long time ago but Morocco always had a special place in their hearts and I guess they gave that same feeling to me and my sisters.

Since a couple of years we have our own house in Marrakech which makes planning a holiday a lot easier...