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Travel Blogs Marrakesh

Travel Blogs Marrakesh

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Marrakesh in Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz, Morocco

Marrakesh is a city located in Morocco, Africa.

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Marrakesh Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Marrakesh

Africa » Morocco » Marrakesh
20 June 2017 is a nomad travel agency based in Merzouga Sahara Desert of Morocco, we organise all kind of tours around Morocco, Day trips from Marrakech, Grand Tours of Morocco, Marakech...

Africa » Morocco » Marrakesh
05 February 2017
Marrakesh Morocco

Marrakech Desert Excursions is A travel agency located in Marrakech, has a team of professionals and expert guides, we organize trips and excursions throughout Morocco for more information, please visit us here:

Marrakech to...

Africa » Morocco » Marrakesh
01 December 2016

12 day in morocco visiting casablanca chefchaouen fes meknes sahara desert dades gorges and hight atlas, we finished...

Africa » Morocco » Marrakesh
03 November 2016
Africa » Morocco » Marrakesh
31 January 2016
Camels Marrakesh

We booked an overnight camel safari with Mouhou tours company for four adults. They were really nice and allowed us to depart earlier than usual so we could see the sunset from Erg Chebbi. Our guide was quiet but very kind.

We hiked to the top for sunset and then rode the camels a short distance to our Berber camp. There were 5 other travelers there with several other guides and...