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Travel Blogs Skogafoss

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Skogafoss in Iceland

Skogafoss is a city located in Iceland, Europe.

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Travel Blogs Skogafoss

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01 September 2010
Skogafoss Iceland

From Vik, the southernmost tip of Iceland we drove east towards Skogar for a day trip to the Skogafoss Waterfall, one of the biggest falls in Iceland and a popular touristic attraction.

Driving along the south coast of Iceland we stopped in a lot of small village where we made day trips and did some sightseeing before driving to the next town.

The choice to drive to the small Icelandic village of Skogar was easy and we were really excited about the Skogafoss Waterfall hike we had planned.

The Skogafoss is world famous for its multiple rainbows on sunny days...