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Travel Blogs Skopje

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Skopje in Macedonia

Skopje is a city located in Macedonia, Europe.

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Travel Blogs Skopje

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08 June 2010
Skopje Macedonia

The Old Skopje Bazaar is one of my favourite parts of Skopje for its great atmosphere, delicious eateries and pittoresque quarter.

The Old Skopje Bazaar is a Turkish market and you will be able to find and taste all kinds of delicacies from fresh baked bread and fruit baskets filled with banana's and strawberries to roasted nuts and local cheeses.

The narrow streets of Old Skopje add up to the pittoresque feel of this quarter and you will be able to get some great views from the Daut Pashah Hammam Art Gallery chapels, the tower of the Church of Saint Dimitri and the minaret of...