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Travel Blogs Gabon

Travel Blogs Gabon

Gabon is a country located in Africa. Gabon's capital is Libreville and the currency is the CFA Franc BEAC.

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Omboue - Evengue Island Lodge Gabon

Travel Blogs Gabon

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Evengue Island Lodge Gabon

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16 September 2011
Omboue Gabon

The journey made we rough but the destination could not be sweeter; Evengue Island Lodge, a paradise for wildlife-lovers and home to the Gorilla Project.

Evengue Island Lodge can be reached by boat eventhough it involves a 3 hour boat ride from Port Gentil to Omboue first and then you would have to hop on a speedboat or other motorized boat to get to Evangue Island, another 45 minutes away,

You can also choose to fly from Port Gentil to Loango, known for its National park, and from Loango take a 4 wheel drive to a mangrove area from where you can enjoy another 2 hour boat ride...