Travel Blogs Mauritania

Travel Blogs Mauritania

Travel Blogs Mauritania

Mauritania is a country located in Africa. Mauritania's capital is Nouakchott and the currency is the Ouguiya.

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Map of Mauritania
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Terjit - Desert camel ride to the Terjit..

Travel Blogs Mauritania

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Desert camel ride to the Terjit Oasis

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15 May 2010
Terjit Mauritania

Me and my husband chose for a completely different holiday than the ones we used to go on when we decided to head to Mauritania. That in itself would have been a adventurous enough travel destination but we wanted more.

We had always wanted to go on a real camel ride through the desert, something completely different from the camel rides other touristic places offer and something authentic.

We chose to go on a camel ride through the the Terjit Oasis, which is known by few tourists but an amazing adventure for the two of us.

The whole trip was in nomad style...