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Travel Blogs Vanuatu

Travel Blogs Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a country located in Oceania. Vanuatu's capital is Port Vila and the currency is the Vatu.

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Map of Vanuatu
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Travel Blogs Vanuatu

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The Islands of Efate,Tanna and Pentecost

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21 April 2010
Beach near Port RĂ©solution, Vanuatu Port Vila

From New Caledonia we travelled to Vanuatu where we landed in Port Vila, the capital of the Vanuatu and situated on the island of Efate.

We had a good flight and an even better landing at the airport where a local band welcomed us and the other visitors to the island. We decided to stay for three days in Port Vila and booked at a guesthouse in town.

The next day...