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Travel Blogs Ko Kradan

Travel Blogs Ko Kradan

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Ko Kradan in Lamphun, Thailand

Ko Kradan is a city located in Thailand, Asia.

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Ko Kradan Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Ko Kradan

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02 February 2010
Arriving on Ko Kradan Ko Kradan

Ko Lanta is another great Thai island and just like Ko Lipe is it a great place to explore some smaller islands by doing day trips. I heard a lot about Ko Kradan being one of the most beautiful islands of this region so I booked a day tour from Ko Lanta to Ko Kradan.

On the way to Kradan which lies within the Hat Chao Mai National Park the driver stopped for some snorkeling at Ko Chueak. Ko Chueak is a giant rock formation which rises out of the sea and home to a giant bat colony. These enormous bats hang in the branches growing out of the rocks and make a terrible noice. The good thing about Ko...