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Travel Blogs Kochi

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Kochi in Kerala, India

Kochi is a city located in India, Asia.

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Travel Blogs Kochi

Asia » India » Kochi
01 April 2010
Panoramic photos of the Nilgiri Hills in Kerala, India. Kochi

The Kerala region in the south of India is beautiful and easily reached by train.

To get to the southern parts of Kerala from Kochi, or Cochin, we had to take the night train and travel along the Nilgiri Mountain Railway which will take you over the Nilgiri Hills and into an amazing green landscape.

The blue train was stuffed with goods, goats and people and people...

Asia » India » Kochi
03 January 2010
Sunset over the River in Kochi, India. Kochi

Kochi is located in the state of Kerala, a beautiful green area with lots of palms, fruit trees and amazing lakes. We went to Kochi, or Cochin, by night train which was quite the experience. We did have our own cabin which wasn't too uncomfortable and the space was big enough to fit us two, a bed and a very undesired cockroach..Fortunately we slept the whole 12,5 hours without any shocking incidents:)