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Travel Blogs India

India is a country located in Asia. India's capital is New Delhi and the currency is the Indian Rupee.

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Travel Blogs India

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Mesmerizing Alleppey Backwater

Asia » India » Alappuzha
02 January 2018

On the 10th of October, I set a trip to the most beautiful place on earth called gods own country, Kerala. The land is covered with the natural elements like a backwater, beaches, forests, hill stations etc. The main attraction of tourists in Kerala backwaters. Different Alleppey houseboat packages are organised by tour operator like Lifemadeasy Holidays that allow the travellers to enjoy the beauty...

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Manali trip

Asia » India » Kullu
14 December 2017

It's heaven, beautiful mountains covered with ice and thousands of tall pine (Christmas trees) ...... People are awsome too still be careful, try local food thukpa (soup noodles)

U can rent a bike Royal enfield for 1500rs per day and ride all over...... Need to be careful during snowfall as the roads become too slippery due to ice.........

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Goanese Glamour

Asia » India » GA
12 December 2017

Oh! It's been the most enthralling journey.. Seriously goa had been the place out of my expectation. Goa had come with it's very own colour.. I was mesmerized by it's beaches, the sunset and the lively localites.. The place was absolutely it's own of a kind.. No place in India can match it's sheer zeal and the beaches were outstanding.. One can also opt for goanese cuisine.. I opted it and felt...

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Asia » India » Delhi
23 November 2017

I travel for 5or 6 days in uttrakhand.I stay in my village. When i was child,i don't want to go in village. But i love mountains,i love to travel.craze for traveling goes...

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Rose Festival With My Rose @ Chandigarh

Asia » India » Chandigarh
21 May 2012

Last year, I went to my uncle’s home, in Chandigarh in the month of February on the occasion of Valentines Day (Feb 14th) to meet my sister-in-law. We pleasantly celebrated that day. As we are basically crazy about colorful flowers and Gardens, she made a plan and told me about the Garden festival of Chandigarh, which is generally held for three days with great joy and enthusiasm during the last...