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Travel Blogs Jalal-Abad

Travel Blogs Jalal-Abad

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Jalal-Abad in Kyrgyzstan

Jalal-Abad is a city located in Kyrgyzstan, Middle East.

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Jalal-Abad Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Jalal-Abad

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21 September 2011
Jalal-Abad Kyrgyzstan

Jalal-Abad is located in southwestern Kyrgyzstan very close to Uzbekistan border and it being my home town I would like to take the opportunity to promote travel to Kygyzstan in general.

On one of my pictures you can see the gates on the entrance to Jalal-Abad which are a symbol of the city and contain some beautiful details.

The city of Jalal-Abad has also attracted...