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Travel Blogs Palmyra

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Palmyra in H'ims, Syria

Palmyra is a city located in Syria, Middle East.

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Travel Blogs Palmyra

Middle East » Syria » Palmyra
29 March 2011
Palmyra Syria

I have been on a holiday to Syria and Jordan earlier this month and it was the first time I ever travelled to the Middle East. I might have picked a better period to travel but in the end I can say that I have had nothing but a great experience and a lot of nice memories to share with other travellers.

The trip was a combined holiday visiting both Syria and Jordan, in that order,...

Middle East » Syria » Palmyra
08 November 2010
Palmyra Syria

In this travel blog I will try to describe my journey to Syria which was part of my Middle East holiday.

In September of this year I travelled to Jordan and after completing my road trip criscrossing the country as much as possibile I decided to cross the border with Syria.

My plan for as much as I had a concrete travel plan was to start in the south and travel...