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Travel Blogs Granite Island

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Granite Island in South Australia, Australia

Granite Island is a city located in Australia, Oceania.

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Travel Blogs Granite Island

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04 November 2009
To the penguin tour Granite Island

Back from Kangaroo Island we got of the ferry at Cape Jervis and drove in direction of Victor Harbor. A lot of people told us to visit this seaside town and the 120k drive on Kangaroo Island to the jetty and the 1 hour ferry ride considered we weren't in for a long drive.

Victor Harbor is at about 60 km from Cape Jervis and a good stopover on your way to Melbourne or the further eastern part of Southern Australia.

In Victor Harbor we arrived in front of the old jetty bridge that connects the main land with Granite Island, famous for its little penguins. To get over there you...