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Travel Blogs Byron Bay

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Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia

Byron Bay is a city located in Australia, Oceania.

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Travel Blogs Byron Bay

Oceania » Australia » Byron Bay
05 February 2010
Byron Bay Lighthouse, NSW Byron Bay

Cape Byron is Australia's most easternly point and a great place to look out over this seaside town. From town you can drive up to the Cape Byron Lighthouse but the best thing to do is to park your car at the parking space down hill. You might have to walk 2 minutes up hill but parking up hill on the Cape Byron Lighthouse ground will cost you 7 dollars if you're by car and 3 dollars if you want to park a motorcycle. This 5 star parking space is open from 8 am and is watched by a real guard though..

Once on Cape Byron the views are amazing and you will be able to see the entire coast line of Byron...

Oceania » Australia » Byron Bay
17 December 2009
Beautiful restaurant in Byron Bay Byron Bay

Byron Bay was a great stop for us and the relaxing vibe in this seaside town was just what we needed on our roadtrip.

We headed to Byron Bay after a short stay in Coffs Harbour. Byron Bay is known for its laid back surfers culture and good range of restaurants and bars. It's the typical seaside town where you'd come to relaxe and fuel up for the rest of your trip.

We stayed in a hotel which was pretty central so late at night we could stroll down the restaurants and have a drink in one of the many bars. You'll see a lot of young people having fun and especially in the summer months...