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Travel Blogs Tanguieta

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Tanguieta in Atakora, Benin

Tanguieta is a city located in Benin, Africa.

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Travel Blogs Tanguieta

Africa » Benin » Tanguieta
04 March 2011
Tanguieta Benin

The tour left our base camp near Tanguieta around 4 am. and entered the Pendjari National Park little later. It didnĀ“t took our guide long to spot some fresh elephant footprints in the mud next our car and we got excited straight away.

The Pendjari National Park is the perfect place for wildlife spotting and during the safari we did see some beautiful animals like elephants, antelopes,...

Africa » Benin » Tanguieta
21 July 2010
Tanguieta Benin

The Pendjari National Park in Benin is located north of Tanguieta from where you'll probably book your wildlife safari as the headquarters of the Pendjari National Park are found here.

The Pendjari National Park is situated in the northern part of Benin and borders with the Parc Nacional du W in Niger.

While the southern part of the Pendjari National Park lies...