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Travel Blogs Heraklion

Travel Blogs Heraklion

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Heraklion in Kriti, Greece

Heraklion is a city located in Greece, Europe.

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Heraklion Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Heraklion

Europe » Greece » Heraklion
08 May 2010

It was another beautiful clear day in Crete – is there ever any other sort? We had had our fill of the beach and sunbathing for a while (and truth be told, I was a bit sunburnt) so we decided it was time to explore some of this wonderful island.

Not wanting to deal with crowded buses and jostling queues, we thought we’d opt for the total freedom of a rent-a-car so we could...

Europe » Greece » Heraklion
17 April 2010

In my last trip to Greece, I stayed in Paradise Island Villas, in Anissaras. This property is amazing.

If you are looking for a true retreat with excellent personal service and attention to detail, Paradise is it.

The accomodations are beatufiul and everything about...