Travel Blogs Greece

Travel Blogs Greece

Travel Blogs Greece

Greece is a country located in Europe. Greece's capital is Athens and the currency is the Euro.

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Map of Greece
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Travel Blogs Greece

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Staying in Acharavi, Corfu

Europe » Greece » Acharavi
06 February 2013
Acharavi Greece

If you're looking for a holiday destination filled with relaxing sunshine, beautiful food, traditional entertainment and adventure, then you need look no further than Acharavi in Corfu. A once very small and quaint resort on the coast of Corfu, Acharavi is one of the top and most beloved resorts on the Greek island.

Suitable for families and couples alike, what makes the resort...

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Vacations in Kaliviani

Europe » Greece » Kaliviani
05 June 2012

We booked a nice room and we spend a few days in the traditional village Kaliviani.

As me and my wife decide to make our vacations in Greece, we choose to explore the island of Crete.

Our perfect stay on Kaliviani Traditional Hotel made our vacations memorable as is away from the mass tourism and combined privacy and comfort with affordable prices.


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Holiday Crete Greece

Europe » Greece » Crete
15 December 2011
Crete Greece

Since my parents bought a second summer appartment in Crete it's quite attractive to hop on a plane and spend a short, or longer holiday in Greece where I could honestly spend the rest of my life.

The comfort of having your own place is great and it really gives you a lot of freedom and of course it save quite some money which you can spend on other fun things!

The palm...

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Continental Palace Hotel Kos

Europe » Greece » Kos
13 December 2011
Kos Greece

During my holiday in Kos the Continental Palace Hotel was a perfect base and I really enjoyed my stay there. I had an all inclusive pakkage which worked out great with the buffet breakfast en dinner service.

Usually I enjoy dining out but having the choice to eat either out in the center of Kos or stay at the hotel for dinner was just really comfortable.

Kos was...

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Holiday Athens Greece 2011

Europe » Greece » Athens
14 July 2011
Athens Greece

Athens and Greece in general has been in the new for some time now and things aren't going as well as you might expect from a travel destination as popular as Athens but this doesn't mean that the entire country has become an unsafe place to visit.

Yes, there have been riots all throughout the city of Athens and upon our arrival we witnessed the damage done to shops, public buildings and parked cars. We also spoke to the local people who surprisingly where very happy that we still travelled to Greece since the country is in a national crisis and relies heavy on tourism as it being the country's...