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Travel Blogs Stockholm

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Stockholm in Sweden

Stockholm is a city located in Sweden, Europe.

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Travel Blogs Stockholm

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm
16 December 2010
Stockholm Sweden

December is a great month for visiting Stockholm, the capital of Sweden and definately in my top ten of most beautiful cities in the world.

Last week my wife and I travelled to Stockholm to celebrate our anniversary and since we both love this city so much we decided to plan a short city break.

Stockholm is beautifully located at the mouth of Lake Malaren and its just such an incredible place to stay. The city is really clean and Stockholm is known for its beautiful parks but not only that, the entire center is just one big attraction.

Famous for its innovative...

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm
08 May 2010
Stockholm Sweden

This winter me and my friends decided to celebrate a traditional Christmas in the snow so we packed our bags and took a flight to Stockholm to spend the holidays in a magic Swedish wonderland.

The city centre was gorgeous and covered in a thick layer of white snow, beautiful. In total we spend two weeks from Christmas till New Years Eve and had the best time!