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Travel Blogs Gallipoli

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Gallipoli in Puglia, Italy

Gallipoli is a city located in Italy, Europe.

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Travel Blogs Gallipoli

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05 February 2010
View from our B & B La Riviera Gallipoli

Gallipoli is a beautiful fishermans town on the western coast of the region Apulia with a stunning seaside. Driving through the south of Italy you could easily combine a trip to Gallipoli with a visit to the city of Lecce or on a road trip further south.

Gallipoli is located in the province of Lecce and faces the Ionian Sea on the left side of the Salentina Peninsula. The town itself can be divided in two parts, a modern Gallipoli and the older city constructed on a limestone island which looks out over the harbour.

The older city of Gallipoli is popular with tourists and especcially...