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Travel Blogs Miami Beach

Travel Blogs Miami Beach

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Miami Beach in Florida, United States

Miami Beach is a city located in United States, North America.

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Travel Blogs Miami Beach

North America » United States » Miami Beach
08 August 2011
Miami Beach United States

Hi everyone, just wanted to share a trip I made to Miami Beach with some of my friends a week ago. Travel destination South Beach @ Miami where we stayed at the Majestic Hotel right on Ocean Drive so location was picture perfect;)

Miami Beach in summer time is one of favourite places to head to because of the great surf, sweet beaches and great nighlife. From Ocean Drive it will...

North America » United States » Miami Beach
13 January 2011
Miami Beach United States

This Christmas me and my friends decided to go on a holiday and celebrate in a more tropical place instead of freezing our hands off while looking at the fireworks back home.

Destination: Miami Beach, Florida!! What a place..I mean there's a good chance that I will be moving there in the near future because it really has an eternal summer.

We had an amazing holiday...