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Travel Blogs Hervey Bay

Travel Blogs Hervey Bay

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Hervey Bay in Queensland, Australia

Hervey Bay is a city located in Australia, Oceania.

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Travel Blogs Hervey Bay

Oceania » Australia » Hervey Bay
22 December 2011
Pool Hervey Bay

It had a great pool, very small walk to a safe swimming beach, the...

Oceania » Australia » Hervey Bay
19 December 2009
Palms rainforest Fraser Island Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is the best point to prepare a trip to Fraser Island and a great tour operator is Fraser Island Explorer if you're looking for a good day trip. We picked up their brochure after reading about them in the Lonely Planet and didn't regret booking it. At first we had some doubts about going on a day trip or staying a few days on the island but once we got to Fraser Island we were so happy to have chosen the day trip.

Fraser Island is gorgeous but public transport is completely absent and the only way to get through the island is by a high clearance 4 WD because not only are all the roads...