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Travel Blogs Stung Treng

Travel Blogs Stung Treng

Stung Treng in Stoeng Treng, Cambodia

Stung Treng is a city located in Cambodia, Asia.

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Stung Treng Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Stung Treng

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18 January 2010
Crowded Cambodian bus Stung Treng

Travelling through Cambodia, but also Laos and Thailand, we were lucky to see so much of these beautiful countries from their landscape, cultural traditions and every day life.

The best pictures to me were the once you take while walking around or the pictures you can take from the opening at the rear of a tuk tuk because on every angle you can see playing children, amazing temples but also some of the daily local pratices.

Sometimes that one picture taken in the alleys of a Cambodian street, on a night market in Laos or alongside the river in Thailand can be a hundred times...