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Travel Blogs Iguazu River

Travel Blogs Iguazu River

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Iguazu River in Brazil

Iguazu River is a city located in Brazil, South America.

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Travel Blogs Iguazu River

South America » Brazil » Iguazu River
17 November 2010
Iguazu River Brazil

When I was in Brazil I went on different trips and tours and one of the most spectacular ones for me was the guided tour to the Iguazu Falls which included a look of the falls from both sides, the platform in Brazil and in Argentina.

My Foz do IguaƧu excursion started at Iguazu Airport where my holiday in Brazil began. From the airport I was picked up by my travel guide and after...

South America » Brazil » Iguazu River
17 February 2010
Wild water rafting at the Iguazu Waterfalls Iguazu River

My trip to Brazil was great! I travelled together with my friend Claudio and in total we spend 24 days in Brasil. Eventhough we tried to travel as low budget as possibile we had a lot of fun and we managed to see a lot of nice places.

We took a flight from Milan to Sao Paulo where Sergio, our Brazilian friend, was waiting for us. It was great to spend a few days in Sao Paulo together...