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Travel Blogs Giravaru

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Giravaru is a city located in Australia, Oceania.

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Travel Blogs Giravaru

Asia » Maldives » Giravaru
17 February 2010
Holiday photos from the Maldives Giravaru

I have never been to a travel destination like the Maldives before and to me it simply was a paradise on earth! The first sight of the Giravaru Island where we arrived after a 20 minutes boat ride was almost shocking and had a huge impact on me.

Giravaru is a small island resort on the Kaafu Atoll, near Male, the capital of the Maldives and you could probably walk around it in few minutes.

Giravaru has a beautiful vegetation and even more beautiful beaches. The sand is so white and you can cool off in the shades of the many palm trees which are full of coconuts. It made me just...