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Travel Blogs Kiev

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Kiev in City Municipality, Ukraine

Kiev is a city located in Ukraine, Europe.

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Travel Blogs Kiev

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev
24 October 2011
Kiev Ukraine

Hi everyone, earlier this month I had the opportunity to go to Kiev with a group of collegues as we were invited to a symposium held in this beautiful city in the northern part of the Ukraine.

We checked into or hotel not knowing anything about Kiev or local customs so in the beginning it was quite the challenge to make our way around the city.

The people in Kiev generally don't speak English but they are very hospitable and willing to lend a helping hand. While sightseeing around Kiev we did try to ask shop assistents or restaurant staff for directions and everytime we encountered...

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev
12 April 2010
Great Famine Monument and the Lavra in Kiev, Ukraine Kiev

Photographing the Holy Dormition Cathedral of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, also known as the Kiev Monastery of the Caves, is an amazing experience but being able to witness the beauty of this cathedral in wintertime is simply magic!

The Holy Dormition Cathedral is one of the most beautiful constructions in Kiev with its golden chapels which reflect the sunlight and its beautiful decorated...