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Travel Blogs Victoria Falls

Travel Blogs Victoria Falls

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Victoria Falls in Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is a city located in Zimbabwe, Africa.

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Victoria Falls Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Victoria Falls

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls
28 October 2011
Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

For my 25th birthday I went bungee jumping at the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe where me and my hubby spent an incredible holiday! The jump actually was a surprise gift and I was so nervous about it.

The jump itself was really scary but the rush running through your body afterwards will give you the real kick. I'm still unsure whether I would bungee jump again but it definately is something...

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls
14 August 2010
Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

From Bulawayo we headed for the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia to visit both Livingstone, located in Zambia but really close to Zimbabwe, as the famous Victoria Falls.

The Victoria Falls are still the number one reason tourists come to this part of Zimbabwe as their beauty is breath taking and if you're travelling to Zimbabwe you can't return to your home without some pictures of the Victoria Falls!

The Victoria Falls are known as the largest falls in the world and located on the Zambezi River and are actually divided by both countries as the the river runs from Zimbabwe into...

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls
18 April 2010
Photos of the Storm that Thunders, Victoria Falls Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe are located on the Zambezi River which crosses both Zimbabwe as Zambia and are some of the largest in the world.

You can visit the Victoria Falls with different tour agencies and you'll be able to choose from a wide range of excursion types but maybe the most spectacular way to see the falls is from the air.

Some other travellers...