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Greenland is a country located in North America. Greenland's capital is Nuuk and the currency is the Danish Krone.

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Tasiilaq - Kulusuk and Tasiilaq on the East..

Travel Blogs Greenland

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Kulusuk and Tasiilaq on the East Coast

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26 April 2010
View from the plane, GreenlandLan Tasiilaq

Together with a friend of mine I went on a four day trip to Greenland. From Iceland we arrived in the Sermersooq municipality after taking an international flight to Kulusuk, the only international airport on the Eastern Coast.

Kulusuk is a small town in the Ammassalik district with a number of inhabitants just over 300 and a great place to experience the real Arctic Wonderland. The best way to explore the beautiful landscape and scenery of Eastern Greenland is by helicopter so after a day of relax in our hotel we booked a helicopter ride together with some other people.

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