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Travel Blogs Mali

Travel Blogs Mali

Mali is a country located in Africa. Mali's capital is Bamako and the currency is the CFA Franc BCEAO.

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Map of Mali
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Travel Blogs Mali

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Holiday in Bamako Mali

Africa » Mali » Bamako
12 December 2011
Bamako Mali

Me and my husband travelled to Bamako in Mali to visit our daughter and her family who have emigrated there after they were both offered to work with a teaching programme.

It was our first time in Mali and we didn't knew exactly what to expect arriving in Bamako but luckily a warm welcome of exciting kids and our teared-up daughter was waiting at the other side of the airport doors.


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Travel experience Mali Africa

Africa » Mali » Djenne
02 November 2010
Djenne Mali

Mali might be one of the poorest countries of northwest Africa but it's also a very fascinating country with some of the continent's most impressive architecture and a very generous people.

After landing in Bamako we picked up our rental car and after a short stay we drove to Segou.

In Segou we stayed at a place called Grand Hotel de France which I guess even for Malinese standards was pretty bad.

The staff was friendly so we decided to look at the whole Segou experience in a positive way and continue our journey up to Timbuktu, which lies in the northern part...

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The Great Mosque of Timbuktu

Africa » Mali » Timbuktu
16 July 2010
Timbuktu Mali

Timbuktu is known for its Great Mosque, also known as the Djinguereber Mosque which has played an important role in the history of Timbuktu, the city which houses the largest mosque in Mali.

There are several mosques in Timbuktu with the Djinguereber Mosque being the most important for visitors and locals alike.

Besides the Djinguereber also the mosques of Sankore...