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Travel Blogs Ko Similan

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Ko Similan in Phangnga, Thailand

Ko Similan is a city located in Thailand, Asia.

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Travel Blogs Ko Similan

Asia » Thailand » Ko Similan
10 January 2010
The forests on Ko Similan Ko Similan

On the Similan Islands there's more than beautiful beaches and when you're staying on this little paradise there's a big chance you'll get to see some impressive island wildlife too.

On the Similan Island there are a lot of crabs going by the name of the similan hairy crabs and the size of these animals is pretty impressive. You can take a night tour departing from the islands reception with an experienced guide to try and find some of these not even too hairy creatures.

Torches are provided by the tour guide and it is advised to stick together as the paths running through the...

Asia » Thailand » Ko Similan
08 January 2010
A Longtai in the water at Khao Lak Ko Similan

The Similan Islands in Thailand are the most beautiful island in Thailand and luckily for us, not crowded with tourists at all! You can visit the Similan Island on a day trip but the best thing is to do a sleepover and book a three days and two nights tour.

This way the daytrippers leave the beach in the afternoon and you'll have this amazing paradise all to yourself. The Similan...