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Travel Blogs Negombo

Travel Blogs Negombo

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Negombo in Western, Sri Lanka

Negombo is a city located in Sri Lanka, Asia.

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Negombo Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Negombo

Asia » Sri Lanka » Negombo
06 May 2011
Negombo Sri Lanka

In these upcoming blogs I will upload some pictures of my solotrip through Sri Lanka and adventure that started in January of this year in Negombo a fishermen's town on the west coast of Sri Lanka and located about 40 km north of the capital Colombo.

I arrived on January 2nd at Bandaranaike International Airport not too far from Negombo and decided to crash in the nearest town which turned out to be Negombo indeed.

My first impression of Negombo was postive and it seemed a good palce to adapt to the lifestyle in Sri Lanka starting with a visit at the Negombo Fish Market.


Asia » Sri Lanka » Negombo
02 August 2010
Negombo Sri Lanka

I love Asia and about two years ago I left for a one year trip around this beautiful continent visiting a lot of different countries without having to experience them in a hurry.

To realize this dream of mine I had saved up some money and fortunately with Asia not being the most expensive continent I always managed to find some good deals for places to stay and excursions to sign...