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Travel Blogs Damascus

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Damascus in Dimashq, Syria

Damascus is a city located in Syria, Middle East.

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Travel Blogs Damascus

Middle East » Syria » Damascus
31 March 2011
Damascus Syria

After our stay in Hamah we got some train tickets to travel south to Damascus, the capital city of Syria and the last stop on our journey in Syria before crossing borders with Jordan.

The train ride was really nice, we had a clear blue sky and could look out over some beautiful Syrian country side. In less than we a few hours we had arrived in Damascus.


Middle East » Syria » Damascus
09 December 2010
Damascus Syria

Around Easter I made trip to Syria and Lebanon, two countries I had never visited before. I had been to Israel last year Christmas and really discovered the Middle East as a very surprising travel destination.

Of course you would be talking about an entire continent but it's often not talked about in a very positive way and somehow people tend to travel to other places more often.

That being said I planned my first trip to Syria and travelled there by myself just armed with my Lonely Planet in case of need and lots of good will, curiosity and enthusiasm to live a new travel adventure.


Middle East » Syria » Damascus
12 July 2010
Damascus Syria

Last October I spend two months backpacking through Syria and had a great travel experience. It was my first time in the Middle East and I found it so different from any other destination I had travelled to.

Syria is a beautiful country with the capital city of Damascus being a very popular place with tourists for its many attractions and things to see.

Just make sure you get your hands on any Damascus Tourist Guide, often available at the airport but I had mine already before departure.

Most guides offer all sorts of handy information like where to find the...